Impero Petrol Tools is committed to achieve organizational excellence by integrating the continual avant-garde improvements in all the business processes including the Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental protection. 


Our goal is to achieve corporate sustainability through the enhancement of customer satisfaction and health, safety, and environmental aspects for the employees and the surrounding community. The company adheres to all the quality standards prescribed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 and is certified by the same. The quality procedures are strictly adhered to at all stages of the manufacturing.


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Impero Petro Tools Is Committed To

  • Provide a workplace that is safe in terms of mitigating or eliminating the occupational risks.
  • Complying the required standards, procedures and contingency measures along with the regulatory and statutory requirements and the management systems so as to maintain a sustainable safety of operations
  • We go by the slogan “Prevention is better than cure” thus we take necessary actions that would prevent all the unsafe incidents from happening along with preventing the adverse environmental impact.
  •  As employees are the building blocks of our organization, we put concentrated effort to impart requisite knowledge, skills and training to all the employees by emphasis on proper their proper safety by the utilization of all the safety products such as gloves, masks and eye glass
  •  The QHSE policy is integrated at all levels it is the moral duty of the supervisor to ensure a healthy work environment for the safety of the employees.
  • Recognize hazards, examine their impact in QHSE performance and implement controls to reduce risk, minimizing losses or damage to people, environment, equipment, products and assets.

Impero Petro Tools understands and believes that the prevention of accidents and protection of the environment are a vital part of the growth and efficiency of the operations in the business.

Impero Petro Tools is committed to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental protection.

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